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How to adjust the speed of DC motor

DC motor speed regulation? What's the way of speed regulation? These questions have been summarized as follows: how to adjust the speed of DC motor.

There are five speed regulating modes of DC decelerating motor:

1. DC decelerator can supply power to DC decelerator with regulated DC power supply, and adjust the power supply voltage to regulate the speed of DC decelerator.

2、 The speed reduction and speed regulation of DC motor are two different things. Speed regulation refers to changing the power supply voltage of DC motor or changing the driving circuit parameters of DC motor to achieve the purpose of speed regulation. In most cases, speed reduction refers to installing a speed reduction box with a certain speed ratio on the output shaft of DC motor to achieve the effect of speed reduction and improve the torque of motor.

3. The DC motor can be divided into the brush motor and the non brush motor. The purpose of adjustment can be achieved by changing the power supply voltage before. The voltage of the power supply of the latter must be constant. The adjustment can not be achieved by changing the power supply voltage, but by adjusting the driver.

4. There are two kinds of drives for BLDCM, one is built-in type, the other is external type. Most of the internal drive BLDCM cannot be adjusted. Whether the external drive BLDCM can be adjusted depends on the structure of the drive.

5. Most of the DC motors with magnet are brush DC motors. If the rated working voltage of the motor is 12V, a 0-12v DC regulated power supply can be used for stepless speed regulation of the motor.